Work Requests in Plainfield

Stan's Roofing & Siding is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Plainfield. Learn more about Stan's Roofing & Siding's recent work requests in Plainfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Stan's Roofing & Siding's recent work requests in Plainfield, IL
Vicinity of Henning Place in Plainfield
Leak in the roof. Spot in our upstairs bathroom ceiling
Vicinity of Emerald Pointe Dr in Plainfield
5-10 shingles fell off a ridge cap looking to have them replaced
Vicinity of S George Ct in Plainfield
Siding repair following patio install
Vicinity of Snowmass Court in Plainfield
I need a roof replacement, gutters and downspouts done this year.
Vicinity of S. Bartlett Ave in Plainfield
Looking to repair the 2nd story wood soffit on the driveway side of the house. It has been damaged by water due to a plugged gutter
Vicinity of Brindlewood Dr in Plainfield
Piece of facia wrap blew off in the high winds. I cannot find the same material to replace it. I have a couple minor siding repairs I would like a quote to repair as well. I would really like to get this done ASAP to avoid damage with rain expected in a few days.
Vicinity of Oakcrest Lane in Plainfield
Possible roof damage from recent hail storm. Would like an inspection
Vicinity of Blakely Dr. in Plainfield
2 story home in need of roof replacement (leaking).
Vicinity of Torwood Cir in Plainfield
A leak over the garage
Vicinity of Inverness Dr in Plainfield
I had some water start to come in through the top of a window. We also noticed that this may be due to an ant infestation. Despite several treatments, we still have the problem and need to potentially have someone come out and seal the cracks/exposed wood damage that occurred. It is possible we'll need to replace the whole window but I'd love to have someone come out and take a look.
Vicinity of Stafford St in Plainfield
I'm interested in a quote to replace my roof and gutters.
Vicinity of Denise St in Plainfield
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Arbor Ct in Plainfield
Looking to get gutters cleaned and some shingles replaced on roof
Vicinity of Allyn St. in Plainfield
We need to replace our roof due to hail damage. Insurance will partially cover the replacement (prorated). We would like to get an estimate from Stan's Roofing. Thank you!
Vicinity of Allyn St in Plainfield
We need to replace our roof due to hail damage. Insurance partially covers the replacement (prorated). I woukd like to get an estimate from Stan's roofing. Thank you!
Vicinity of Presley Cir in Plainfield
I need a plumbing boot replaced and a gutter re-screwed into the house. Hp you Hoping you can provide an estimate on what that would cost.
Vicinity of W Kenyon St in Plainfield
Roof is 7 years old. Have some leaks. Shingles used were organics that did not hold up. Currently looking for an estimate. I have asked a few other individuals that were pushy and trying to get me to sign a contract immediately without being able to answer questions well.
Vicinity of Millbank Dr. in Plainfield
This is a small job to fix vinyl siding trim around exterior faucet.
Vicinity of W Willow Dr in Plainfield
Looking to have our old cedar siding replaced with non wood siding.
Vicinity of Norwood Drive in Plainfield
I notice a loose shingle from the hail storm last week. What would be the process to get that looked at?
Vicinity of Lake Mary Dr in Plainfield
Front gutter warped and water runs off. I can send photos
Vicinity of Tufton Street in Plainfield
Possible storm damage to roof and siding
Vicinity of Knoll Road in Plainfield
The trim at the roofline tore off. Not sure if there is shingle damage from wind and hail.
Vicinity of Norwood Dr in Plainfield
Do you install attic fans?
Vicinity of Blakely Drive in Plainfield
We just had our deck replaced with a patio and the bottom 4 rows of siding that were behind the deck need to be replaced. Looking to get a quote.
Vicinity of Reserve Circle in Plainfield
Possible ice damage of roof
Vicinity of Government Lane in Plainfield
We have a skylight that might need to be resealed. The last large rainstorm we had some water stains inside the house around the skylight in our master bathroom.
Vicinity of Peacock Lane in Plainfield
Older roof, need a new one. Looking for an estimate
Vicinity of Great Falls Dr. in Plainfield
Our house was built in 2001, and still has the original roof. It's looking pretty rough in spots. We are looking to have it replaced.
Vicinity of Brookshire Estates Dr in Plainfield
We are have water leaking through the front wall of our house. The J channel along our garage/front of the house seems to short therefore we have a visible opening to bare wood. Would like an estimate on repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Grand Highlands Drive in Plainfield
I am looking for an estimate on a possible patch and the price of a new roof as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Hunt Club Lane in Plainfield
We have one piece of siding that is coming off and needs to be repaired or replaced. It's on the 2nd story. What would something like this cost?
Vicinity of Vicky St. in Plainfield
Roof leak. Presumably around sky light in kitchen.
Vicinity of Spruce Creek Ct. in Plainfield
I have a piece of trim, fascia that blew off the peak of my house from the high winds a few weeks ago. It is probably about an 8 - 10' piece that I would like a quote to have it put back up or replaced if necessary.
Vicinity of Sonora Court in Plainfield
Last week during the snow storm I had a strip of fascia approximately 7.5 feet in length rip away from my home. It is on the top-front of my two story house. I was hoping I could get it replaced before Spring given the bare would exposure,
Vicinity of Riverwood Court in Plainfield
I have a missing shingle on the back side of my house. I have replacement shingles available from a repair that you completed on another spot on the roof.
Vicinity of S George CT. in Plainfield
Replace Patio Door. I have the new door
Vicinity of Brooklands Lane in Plainfield
I would like a roof inspection, possibly some minor repair work for some water entering and estimate on complete replacement. 18-19 year old house, original roof
Vicinity of Hidden Oaks Court in Plainfield
I want to replace my roof
Vicinity of Wesmere Lakes Dr in Plainfield
Hi - I have been having water coming through my garage ceiling for a year, and have had it "fixed" twice by two different companies, but it still keeps happening. Would it be possible to have someone come out and take a look and give me an estimate?
Vicinity of Glenridge Ct in Plainfield
Siding on front roof came unattached would like to get it repair.
Vicinity of S. Lincoln Highway in Plainfield
I've lost some roof shingles that need to be replaced - had water leaking in through a tenants vent last night during the rain. I have a bunch of photos I took to show the extent of the damage, but am not finding a way to attach them to this online form (vs e-mail).
Vicinity of S Lexington Drive in Plainfield
Need full siding,facia and soffits replaced
Vicinity of S Elizabeth Dr. in Plainfield
Request estimate on gutters and gutter guards. Thank you.
Vicinity of MEADOW LANE in Plainfield
Rain coming in from roof
Vicinity of Great Falls Dr in Plainfield
Some siding damaged in last storm.
Vicinity of Summer House Dr. in Plainfield
Yesterday during the rainfall, I noticed dripping water from the ceiling in our master bedroom. When looking at out house the leek is coming from the left back side of the house.
Vicinity of Langdon Circle in Plainfield
2 story typical Plainfield house built in 1999. Have a lot of trees - gutters need constant attention, and don't flow well even when they're clean. Tried the triangle foam wedge leaf guards, but that's not working very well. there has to be a better solution.
Vicinity of Mystic Dr in Plainfield
Noticed some shingles that have been blown off garage roof. Would like an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Reflection Ct in Plainfield
Siding and wood repair around window
Vicinity of W Knollwood Dr in Plainfield
We have a current leak in the roof & would like to have it inspected and hopefully repaired.
Vicinity of Vicarage Dr. in Plainfield
Looking for an estimate for insurance claim
Vicinity of Riverwood Dr in Plainfield
I had an ice dam build up on the front of the house and now we have a leak above the garage
Vicinity of Nightingale Ct. in Plainfield
We need the old shingles removed and replaced for the whole roof.
Vicinity of Bussey Dr in Plainfield
I need a new downspout (about 9ft) due to rust damage. Possibly replacing the location of the downspout to the other side of the gutter. Depending on the costs. Work is all on 1story house. Total gutter length is about 15ft, downspout is about 9ft. Aluminum material. Thank you
Vicinity of Willow Lakes Ct. in Plainfield
I need to have my front gutter replaced need the front porch and maybe the roof as well. Thank you!
Vicinity of S. Hillsdale Ct in Plainfield
Roof Replacement
Vicinity of Larkspur Lane in Plainfield
House is sooo cold....considering replacing windows & patio door & front door
Vicinity of W. Knollwood Ct. in Plainfield
Need 2 pieces of siding put back on the top row of my house. In the back yard. They were blown off last week. Need an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Skyline Dr in Plainfield
Ice Daming
Vicinity of Lincolnway St in Plainfield
1. Vinyl siding repair: small section near back door east side of bay window siding warped and is missing. Replacement materials and installation needed. 2. Roof/window leak repair: front bay window leaks on rare occasion - only w rain from north. Needs repair.
Vicinity of W. Ocala Court in Plainfield
Vicinity of Grand Highlands Drive in Plainfield
I need a roof repair around my chimney. I already have some leakage. Is it possible to have someone come to my address and bid this Tuesday at 4pm. Please let me know. We will be needing a roof in a couple of years and we would like to use your company if this is a good experience.
Vicinity of POND VIEW DR in Plainfield
Warranty- want great quality to last cost
Vicinity of CHESTNUT GROVE DR in Plainfield
Looking for estimate on replacing a roof and residing a house.
Vicinity of S. Weller Dr. in Plainfield
Roof leaking into bedroom. Slow drip but needs repair. Would like estimate for repairs
Vicinity of Keystone Ct. in Plainfield
Gutters are overflowing, water is pouring over the top front of home
Vicinity of Briarcliff Dr. in Plainfield
Inspect roof for possible hail damage and replace portion of the siding.
Vicinity of Frank Turk Drive in Plainfield
Damage siding replacement
Vicinity of Douglas Drive in Plainfield
Vicinity of Peppertree Dr in Plainfield
We need a satellite dish removed from the corner of our roof, per a home inspection. Thank you!
Vicinity of Franklin Ct. in Plainfield
A piece of metal fascia covering fell off the side of our house on the upper portion.
Vicinity of Larkspur in Plainfield
Have one loose gutter, 5 min. job and need a corner piece of siding replaced. Have the material for comer piece.
Vicinity of Sunnymere Drive in Plainfield
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Arbor Dr in Plainfield
Vicinity of Terrace Blvd in Plainfield
Roof leak/gutter replacement
Vicinity of NORWICH STREET in Plainfield
Ceiling leaked last night due to heavy storm and rain on master's bedroom. Do you do free inspection and estimate?
Vicinity of Brooklands Ln in Plainfield
I have a small vinyl repair job for which I would like to get an estimate. I have extra materials ... just looking for the labor/expertise.
Vicinity of Scarlett Oak Dr in Plainfield
Concerns about the recent hail storms.
Vicinity of W. Covington Dr in Plainfield
I am missing some shingles on my roof. I have purchased the matching color/style shingles (3-tab), but the roof is 2nd-story high. How much do you charge to replace a few shingles (approx. 3 pieces)? Do you take credit card?
Vicinity of W. Emyvale Ct. in Plainfield
I have slight leakage in two small ceiling sections in my first floor family room and dining area. The leakage is directly below an area where the peaks meet an exterior rough sawn cedar wall for the 2nd story of my house. The roof is in good condition but I suspect the problem is the 10 year old flashing on the peaks.
Vicinity of Ambrose Road in Plainfield
Roof Replacement
Vicinity of S Marybrook Dr in Plainfield
We need a gutter replacement on the back of our home. We had a roof repair and would like a new gutter installed. We are in the process of getting some quotes.
Vicinity of S. Marathon Ln in Plainfield
I have 13 shingles missing from my roof that need replaced.
Vicinity of Kennedy Circle in Plainfield
Shingles need to be replaced/repaired.
Vicinity of Staggs Leap Trail in Plainfield
Hello, I am missing several shingles again and need them replaced. Thank you, Scott.
Vicinity of S TEAL CT in Plainfield
Quote on a new roof and to fix gutters, and water damage in my garage
Vicinity of Cindy Court in Plainfield
I would like to get an estimate to repair/replace some damaged or missing shingles from my roof. Thank you.
Vicinity of Baring Ridge Dr in Plainfield
One side of house needs to be repaired or replaced. Siding is warping and buckling
Vicinity of Apple Tree Lane in Plainfield
Need damaged roof repair
Vicinity of Kenicott Lane in Plainfield
Need an estimate on the shingles that are missing. Thank you . Please call asap. Thank you.
Vicinity of GGolden Meadow Dr in Plainfield
Looking to have a new roof installed because we have a claim in with our insurance company and have been approved for roof replacement
Vicinity of Vicarage Dr in Plainfield
Several of our roof vents are leaking and one of the seals on our chimney is bad. We get a lot of water in our fireplace, but not through the flue. There are probably some shingles that need replaced as well.
Vicinity of W. Renwick Rd. in Plainfield
I have a single layer roof over 25 years old. Wind is blowing shingles off.
Vicinity of Grande Poplar Cir in Plainfield
Wind Hail Potential damage on roof gutters
Vicinity of W Pasadena Dr in Plainfield
The roof is 20 years old and we recently lost a shingle during the recent storms. I'd like to have a roof inspection done to evaluate the current wear as well as provide an estimate for any repairs necessary.
Vicinity of Caton Farm Road in Plainfield
Would appreciate an estimate on roof of home build in 1960's
Vicinity of Larkspur Lane in Plainfield
Many of our neighbors homes received wind damage to their roofs about one week ago, and I'd like to know if that happened to us, too. We also have two water damage spots in 2 of our bedroom ceilings. That damage pre-dates the wind event.
Vicinity of S. Longview Ln. in Plainfield
We have some shingles that came up a couple of weeks ago when that windstorm happened and when we had our insurance adjuster come out and take a look at it, they said that the repair was not enough to meet our deductible. Our roof is 3 1/2 years old now. If someone could come over and give us an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of CAPITAL DR in Plainfield
Vicinity of Millennium Pkwy in Plainfield
Need Roof replacement estimate
Vicinity of Staggs Leap Trail in Plainfield
Due to the high winds this past week, I have multiple spots with missing shingles. I need an estimate to have the shingles replaced.
Vicinity of Oakcrest Lane in Plainfield
We have a leak in our dining room that appears to be coming from the copper flashing outside the dining room window or the bedroom window above. We have drywall damage and water dripping inside the house.