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Terri Cirar

Terri Cirar

Production Coordinator

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Terri has been with Stan's for the past 5 years.    Her work consists of taking calls and making appointments, as well assisting our Production Department to ensure that the homeowners receive the best possible care and satisfaction from their home improvement projects.

She truly enjoy her job and loves her co-workers.  Everyone works well together and cares about keeping customers happy and production moving smoothly.  She feels supported and encouraged to learn and grow in this ever-evolving industry.  We have a great team and lots of laughs  

Outside of the office, Terri loves to travel and spend lots of time with her husband of 29 years, frequenting concerts, festivals, and other community events throughout the year.  She also can be seen at the various local events as she volunteers at the Romeoville Rec department and enjoys summer concerts and festivals.

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