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Clean Fascia Repair

This homeowner had a decorative fascia that was splitting and falling off the front of the home.  Our crew braved the cold and replaced the fascia with a straight cut piece to match the other side.

Hometown IL Roof Repair

This roof repair in Hometown was due to some high winds that we had in a February wind storm. Our storm damage experts inspected the roof, pinpointing the weaknesses and allowing us to craft a custom plan for repair. The roof is good as new!

Roofing Shingle Repair in Hometown IL

Hometown IL was hit with a really bad wind storm and this one of the many roofing repairs that we completed. This is a textbook example of storm damage- spreading outward from the areas hit by debris. Count on the pros at Stan's when your home takes a few knocks from Mother Nature!

Roofing repair in Hometown IL

This Hometown roof repair shows off how quickly a storm can damage your roof. This area was affected by an extreme wind storm, and the resident featured here had a big portion of their roof blown completely off! Our team was able to swiftly repair and provide a lasting solution to protect the home.

Roof Shingle Repair in Hometown IL

We completed this roof repair in Hometown IL.  They experienced a severe wind storm that affected the whole area, and wanted help from a contractor that they could trust. Our team of experts gave an in-depth inspection, pinpointing the weaknesses of the roof and allowing our specialists to craft a solution to match the issues this home was facing.

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