Roof Replacement - Meet the Team Ep 1 Stan

In this Meet the Team series, we are going to meet the team members of Stan's Roofing & Siding and get to know them more personally. In Episode 1, you get a closer look at the man who started it all, Stanley Bumstead. In 1967, 54 years ago, a tornado ran right through Chicagoland. Stan saw a need and he filled it. Homes were rebuilt, and he knew how to install roofing. Once he finished helping rebuild, another storm hit, and after each job, more and more people called in. He never got caught up, he's been busy ever since, until Kevin, his son took it over. We'll meet Kevin next. Not many roofing companies can claim to have withstood the test of time, with roughly half exiting after their first five years, and one-third exiting after their first two years. Stan's has truly stood the test of time, with strong credit due to this man. Check out the story behind the name! Come meet the original Stan!

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