Work Requests in Frankfort

Stan's Roofing & Siding is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Frankfort. Learn more about Stan's Roofing & Siding's recent work requests in Frankfort and nearby areas!

Learn more about Stan's Roofing & Siding's recent work requests in Frankfort, IL
Vicinity of Yankee Ridge Drive in Frankfort
I have a variety of repairs required on my home. there's flashing issue which has allowed water to enter the garage, a damaged roof vent needs replacement, a number of downspouts need to be re-secured to the brick exterior of the home, the cedar fascia is rotting at a couple corners of the home where leaky gutters have resulted in the fascia becoming wet; probably a few of the gutter corners need to be re-sealed.
Vicinity of Yankee Ridge Dr. in Frankfort
24 year old home needs roof replaced
Vicinity of Oak St. in Frankfort
There is a piece of aluminum that is coming off of one of the fascia boards on the roof line. I would like to have this repaired. I also have a gutter on that side of the house that makes a loud vibrating noise during strong winds, and would like somebody to take a look to see if that's repairable or just normal for the conditions.
Vicinity of Tanglewood Ct S in Frankfort
I would like a quote on gutter guard installation
Vicinity of West Nebraska in Frankfort
Roof leaking
Vicinity of Charrington Drive in Frankfort
I'm looking for a quote to replace the guttering and downspouts on our single family home. We have had the roof replaced earlier this year but have noticed that the gutters are leaking badly now. Feel free to drop by and do a walk around at any time if needed but I'm looking for an estimate pretty quickly as I'd like to get this done before the winter gets set in. Email is the best way to contact and provide me with the quote. Also let me know when you would be able to get the work done.
Vicinity of Burgundy Drive in Frankfort
Temporary roof repair by plumbing drain pipe (slowly leaking into ceilings)
Vicinity of , Gray Lane in Frankfort
Vicinity of Illinois Road in Frankfort
1970's split-level home with inadequate gutters to channel heavy rain & no leaf guards
Vicinity of Fairway Lane in Frankfort
Small siding job on the ends of my house
Vicinity of S Farmington Ln in Frankfort
My gutters are pitched wrong and flashing isn't flush. Wanted a free estimate on repairing flashing and gutters properly spaced to roof.
Vicinity of Grand Traverse Dr in Frankfort
There are gaps in between the siding planks and we have some of the planks that are cracked. We are deciding between repair and replacement of the siding.
Vicinity of Abbot Court in Frankfort
I have a small leak in my roof and 2 squirrel holes that I need to have repaired. I would like to have the holes repaired soon because the squirrels have been removed.
Vicinity of Birchwood Lane in Frankfort
Looking for an estimate for new gutters, soffit, fascia. Please call only after 12pm. Thanks
Vicinity of W. Steger Rd in Frankfort
Siding replacement
Vicinity of Firenze Dr in Frankfort
Missing shingles above garage after wind storm
Vicinity of W. Steger Rd. in Frankfort
Roof damage. We are looking at an estimate for roof replacement. Thank you. Adrian
Vicinity of W Haystack Dr in Frankfort
Looking to have siding replaced and would like an estimate
Vicinity of Grant Avenue in Frankfort
Install HardiePlank Lap siding select cedarmill on South, North, and East sides of house. West side is all brick except for top trim board. I have dental detailing on this trim board that I would like to keep. If we can't keep the dentals in Hardie board then I would like to keep this as wood. Quote separate.
Vicinity of Thyme Lane in Frankfort
Siding repairs needed
Vicinity of A Sterling Dr in Frankfort
We are looking for a very quick fix on a small section of soffit in the front and back section of our trilevel home in Frankfort square. We ha e a house inspection on Thursday afternoon and need some loose soffit replaced.
Vicinity of S Farmington Lane in Frankfort
Roof, siding, and window damage due to recent weather. Need estimates for repairs
Vicinity of Farmhouse Rd in Frankfort
Need a quote for a new roof and possibly siding but roof is the main concern at the moment.
Vicinity of Nevada St in Frankfort
I would like a quote on a new roof. Current one has 2 layers and damage from wind that has been tarped off. I would also like to replace the 2 skylights currently on there.
Vicinity of Lily Ct in Frankfort
My patio door is leaking. I also have several areas on my house with loose siding. I would like to speak with someone regarding both issues. Thanks