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Roofing repair in New Lenox IL

Roofing repair in New Lenox IL

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Roofing repair in New Lenox IL Roofing repair in New Lenox IL

This roof in New Lenox, IL experienced some damage in addition to general wear and tear. We provided a thorough examination and worked with the homeowners to determine our repairs.

Roof shingle repair in New Lenox IL

Roof shingle repair in New Lenox IL

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Roof shingle repair in New Lenox IL Roof shingle repair in New Lenox IL

When our area was greatly affected by a wind storm, these homeowners gave us a call about their damaged roof. After heading over to the home to take a closer look, we came up with a detailed plan for repair. We repaired / replaced the affected shingles, and roof looks great!

New Lenox, IL Chimney Repair

New Lenox, IL Chimney Repair

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New Lenox, IL Chimney Repair New Lenox, IL Chimney Repair

This homeowner lost some shingles in a storm as well as had a leak near the chimney stack. We visited and inspected the property, pinpointing the issue and explaining what needed to happen to fix the problem. We added the missing shingles as well as resealed the chimney stack. Our client was thrilled with the solution!

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Reviews From New Lenox
Testimonials From New Lenox
The repair crew was excellent and arrived on time. Great work, knowledgeable and cleaned up after themselves
Testimonial by J F. from New Lenox, IL
Skilled people doing a job correctly. Thank you!
Testimonial by J K. from New Lenox, IL
Everyone was very kind. Dan was very knowledgeable. I recommended Stan's Roofing to my friend. We appreciated everything. God Bless
Testimonial by S B. from New Lenox, IL

Roof Repair & Replacement, Gutters, & Siding in New Lenox, IL

Your roof and siding are vital pieces of your property; they provide the whole structure with protection from the elements. Your roof and siding keep rain, hail, and excessive sunlight and wind from damaging your home and disturbing the occupants. Not only do your roof and siding protect your home, they also contribute to the overall exterior design. That is why great looking, protective, and durable roofing and siding are crucial. In order to keep a quality roof over your head, you need a reliable roofing professional you can trust.

Stan's Roofing & Siding has served the residents of New Lenox since 1967 with a wide range of roofing and siding services. Our employees are professionally trained and capable of installing your roof or siding quickly and efficiently.

Call Stan's Roofing & Siding today for expert roofing & siding services in Illinois

At Stan's Roofing & Siding we work with the finest roofing and siding manufacturers in the business. As such, we have a wide selection of high quality, energy efficient materials available. We offer asphalt shingles, flat roofing, vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding. Our roofs and siding are excellent insulators, durable and long lasting. When you have your house serviced by Stan's Roofing & Siding, you can rest assured we will get it done right the first time!

Services Available in New Lenox, IL

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Ridge Vents & Ventilation
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Hail Damage
  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Guards
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Replacement Windows & Doors
  • Deck design and installation
  • Porch design and installation
  • And Much More!
Job Stories From New Lenox, IL
Siding Repair in New Lenox, IL

We were called in to re-install a few pieces of siding that slipped out of the trim about the garage.

Gutter Damage in New Lenox

There was a tree that came down and crushed one of the corner gutters and needed repairs.

Lead Plumbing Flashing Damaged by Squirrel in New Lenox

This job was done for a previous customer. He discovered that squirrels have been chewing on and around the lead plumbing flashing. We replaced any damaged shingles on the roof and put guards around the lead plumbing flashings to help against any further damage. The homeowner specifically requested no lead be showing and that's exactly what we made sure happened.

Roof and Siding Storm Damage Replaced in New Lenox, IL

After some storm damage, a homeowner called us in to fix up their roofing and siding. For the roofing, we installed new baffled ridge vents. These ridge vents not only look good at the peak of the attic roof, but it also works year-round to ventilate the attic. As for the siding, we removed the current installment and replaced it with brand new siding. We made sure to put an underlayer of protection before the siding was placed on the home for extra protection.

Siding Installation in New Lenox, IL

During the time of the Covid pandemic, many homeowners are working from home. For many jobs, quiet home is important for getting the job done well. Unfortunately, in any home improvement project, there will be noise. We make it a priority to work with the homeowner to minimalize the noise that would affect their work. 

In this project, we coordinated with the homeowners and their working from home schedules. Here, we agreed to do the tear-off part of the job and have her listen in to gauge how loud it will be. This is the loudest part of the job. 

In the end, our working with the homeowner allowed for a job to be done without interfering with theirs.

Siding Installation in New Lenox, IL - Photo 1
Damaged Shingles in New Lenox, IL

A previous customer reached out to us to check out some damaged shingles they had. Our crew went in and repaired any and all damage they saw. The homeowner had leftover shingles from the previous job that our crew could use. Because of this, the cost was less on their end.

Siding Around Gable Damaged by a Storm in New Lenox

Stan's repair crew was sent in to replace siding and gutters around a gable vent that was damaged by a storm.

Siding Around Gable Damaged by a Storm in New Lenox - Photo 1
Repairing shingles

We repaired damaged shingles by removing the remaining roofing and felt paper.  Then installed ice and water shield at gutter edge.  Installed new underlayment and finally installed new shingles.

Repairing shingles - Photo 1
Adding attic insulation

Our crew blew-in insulation in the attic of this home.  

Adding attic insulation - Photo 1Adding attic insulation - Photo 2
Missing shingle repair in New Lenox

This customer called Stan's Roofing & Siding to repair their roof.  They had shingles blow off in a recent wind storm

Missing shingle repair in New Lenox - Photo 1
Work Requests From New Lenox, IL
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
I have a piece of facia that a storm blew off; roof flashing needs repair in same location; a rotten threshold on a door and downspout repairs
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Looking for estimate to replace missing facia (sp?) piece that blew away in storm.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Roof leak I believe from a valley but also interested in complete new roof
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Need downspout reattach to house and looking for a replacement dryer vent cover on side of house. Look at rest of gutters and downspouts to see anything else will need repairs.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
I need an estimate to install gutters on a covered porch attached to the house.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Lost part of our fascia during last weeks storms
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
I would like to get an estimate on new fascia, soffits and gutters. I would also like to get an estimate on siding replacement.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Hello, I need a roof replacement, which would include the new roof, additional vents, possibly a new skylight (which leaks into the upstairs bathroom) and a redo of incorrectly installed flashing around the chimney (which causes leaking into the attic and other upstairs bathroom). Thanks.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
I bought a foreclosure. The house has fire damage. I need to replace shingles and some of the joists. Can I get a quote?
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Need someone to come and look at soffit over porch and take down to see how builder insulated ...having insulation issues and cold air drafts..
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Ranch style home. Need some gutter repairs.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
I literally have about a 10 minute job for you. One strip of siding has come loose at my roof line (2nd story). I don't have the ladder to take care of it myself, but I need to get it secured before it comes off. I can send a picture if you would like. For the right guy with the right equipment, this should be an easy fix. Unfortunately, I'm not that guy. If you can give me a quote, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Need a quote on both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding along with a new roof, gutters and soffit/fascia. There is additional work for the lowest bidder including new concrete stairs in the front of house and cellar door opening in back of house. Bid can be mailed so that I can bring this to the mortgage company. Thank you for your time!
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Currently have vinyl siding and looking for bids to replace. Looking at vinyl, Hardie, and LP to compare.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
We would like an estimate on roof repair. Thank you.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
Looking for new roof, gutters, soffit/fascia. Curious how much to do new siding with it. May not be able to do siding too depending on cost.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
We have an undersized patio "double door" (only one side is a door, the other a door-sized window) that needs replacing due to age and rot in the frame. Will likely need custom work. Interested in seeing multiple design options if possible- french, slider, etc.
Project Location: New Lenox, IL
New roof quote. Have a leak that has been fixed and now it's leaking again. Old roof either way. Time for a new one I think.