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Challenge If a downspout is not flowing properly, it might be a problem in the way it's installed or how the environment has affected it over time. Solution One of the services we offer is gutter repairs.

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Challenge We do big and small projects. We help our customers out in whatever way we can. Some projects can even be done by the homeowner themselves. However, we do not advise climbing ladders without being comfortable with heights and having experience. Many home accidents involve ladders.

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Challenge This home in Palos Heights had damaged gutters and shingles. Solution We were able to come in and repair the shingles and the gutters.

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Challenge Gutter guards are a tricky thing. This home in Frankfort had downspout screens installed. Over time, however, muck and leaves built up, blocking the water from passing through. What was installed to help the flow of water end up preventing it?

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Challenge It is okay if you are unable to clean your own gutters. Going on the roof is a dangerous job, and we take it very seriously. For some, the fear of heights might hold them back from climbing the ladder. For others, the lack of experience or physical complications may keep them off the roof.

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