The exterior of your home plays an important role in the overall aesthetic and functionality of your property. Each part of your home plays an important role in protecting your home. In this blog, we will take a deeper look into the specific purposes of the different components of the exterior of your home. 

The first part that we will discuss is the one all homeowners will be most knowledgeable about. The roof is the first line of defense against extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. When a roof is installed properly, it can add value by providing insulation, preventing water damage, and adding curb appeal to your property. Roofs typically last 25-30 years. 

Siding is the barrier that wraps around the sides of your house. It offers protection against the elements and insulation to maintain a favorable internal temperature. A well-installed siding can also add curb appeal and increase property value. If you clean and maintain your siding throughout the year, the vinyl siding that Stan’s Roofing installs can last over 50 years. 

Your gutter system plays an important role in protecting your home. Gutters collect rainwater and direct it effectively to avoid damage to the foundation of your home. When your gutters clog, your roofing and siding can be damaged. Consider cleaning your gutters at least twice a year to keep them functioning properly. Gutter systems usually last 20-25 years, but with proper maintenance, they can last up to 40-50 years!

Soffit and Fascia are always grouped because they go hand in hand. They provide ventilation and more insulation to your home. They also add a unique element to the aesthetic of your property. Soffit and Fascia protect the rafters and beams of your home from weather conditions and pests. You are looking at an average of 20-40 year lifespan for your soffit and fascia.

Windows and Doors are great providers of natural light and ventilation for your home. By installing new windows and doors, your property’s value can greatly increase. Special energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce your heating and cooling costs while providing the comfort and noise reduction you have been looking for. It is difficult to give an average lifespan for windows and doors, as homeowners will replace them depending on how well they were originally installed and how much they improve the home’s exterior aesthetic.

Insulation is another piece of your home that helps regulate internal temperature to reduce heating and cooling costs. It helps prevent mold growth and aids in soundproofing your home. When you have properly installed insulation, your home can become as energy-efficient as possible. Insulation should be replaced every 15-20 years to ensure your home takes advantage of all the benefits that insulation provides. 

Installing a deck to your home will instantly increase the property value. Decks offer a comfortable space outside of your home for you and your family and friends to gather. 

In this blog, we have gone through most of the services that we offer. After reading through this post, you should become familiar with how your home works every day to protect and keep you safe! In return, it is important to take care of your home, so it keeps taking care of you and your family.