Living in Illinois, it is common knowledge that our seasons are very extreme. Summers can get very hot with high humidity levels, while our winters can drop to subzero temperatures and produce heavy precipitation. Stan’s Roofing and Siding advises homeowners to entertain the thought of getting your home inspected before winter hits. Our harsh summers can cause damage to your home. The tough winter can and will take advantage of any sort of damage to your home. 

Roof Protection

Your roof is the main defense against the harsh weather conditions. The heat and humidity from the harsh Illinois summers can cause issues for your home’s roof structure. If you do not address these issues, they will become worse as winter approaches. Give Stan’s Roofing and Siding a call for an inspection for damages to your roof including leaks and cracked and missing shingles. Taking these precautionary measures will save you from more costly major roof repairs down the road. 

Winter Storm Preparation

We endure harsh winter storms that can lead to significant damage to your home’s roofing and siding. End-of-summer inspections can identify potential weak points in your home’s defense against the winter storms. From there, the contractor will be able to assess any issues and give their honest and best recommendations to best protect your home. 

Energy Efficiency

It is important to keep your home warm as winter approaches. To avoid spending a fortune on energy bills, you can make your home as energy efficient as possible with a reliable roof. During an inspection, the contractor will check windows and doors for any cracks and other issues that need repairs. Also, they will check the insulation in the attic and walls to ensure that the hot air is going to stay inside. These minor changes to your insulation and ventilation can improve the energy efficiency of your home and keep your energy costs from rising during the winter. 

Fall is the Best Time for Projects

The fall season is the best time to get an inspection for damage on your home. Many homeowners will wait until the winter to have a contractor inspect their home. However, many issues could be created and made worse as the winter progresses. End-of-summer inspections will identify issues with your home that can be fixed before they worsen. 

We recommend that homeowners get an inspection at the end of the summer or at the start of the fall season. This is due to the fact that any damage left unattended entering the winter season will worsen and negatively impact your home. Don’t wait until it is too late.