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Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation
My dad “Stan” started the company in 1967 after a tornado ripped through the Oak Lawn suburb of Chicago. He started roofing in the 1950′s after he moved to Chicago from Sault Ste Marie Michigan. After High School I served in the Army as a Military Police officer and was stationed in Korea, Kansas, Honduras, Suadi Arabia and Kuwait, (during Desert Storm) After the Army I came back to work with my dad in the family business, became a partner and then in 2006 my dad retired and I became owner of the company. Even though the recession hit many of my fellow roofing friends hard, it has actually been our best years ever, with the last 2 years being our busiest. I attest this to our honesty and integrity and will only give you what you ask for or need.

What are some of the services your company provides?
We provide; all types of roofing service and work, from standard asphalt shingles to designer style asphalt, cedar shake, slate and stone coated steel roofing that is a great green alternative and will save you on your heating and cooling bills.

What are some visible signs that my roof needs repair?
Of course damaged or missing shingles. Damage shingles can be raised up in the corners or have cracks (splits) in them. Rusted or non-secured flashing systems along walls, skylights, chimneys etc… These will actually be pulling away from what they are fastened to.

What are the potential dangers associated with neglecting a roof that needs repair?
Water damaged! By the time the water is evident to the homeowner inside of their house, it has already caused the roof sheathing (decking), the rafters, ceiling joist, insulation and the drywall to get wet. This can lead to the roof sheathing to deteriorate and cause dips in your roof, possible mold to start growing in the attic space and a lower R-Value for your insulation.

How often should my roof receive maintenance?
This depends on the age of the roof. If you hired the professional roofing contractor to install the roof on the house, (and you were happy with the end result) have them back out in 5 – 7 years to check it out and this way they can touch up any flashing details that needed caulking. (Along brick walls or chimneys, etc..) If the roof is over 10 years and you don’t know who installed it, I recommend to do your research via online reviews, the better business bureau or services like angies list and have a professional roofing company come out, inspect the roof and give you their opinion on the life expectancy and any needed touch up or repairs that might need to be done.

What are some new roofing materials that are durable?
Easier to answer with what is not durable. Do not, I repeat do not, rely on roofing cement. This is a black substance that non-professional roofing companies will use as a quick fix. This is only temporary and the only time that it should be acceptable is in an emergency situation where you are having your roof repaired and the proper repair cannot be done for a few days or a week and there is a snow or rain storm predicted and you need a quick patch until it can be repaired properly. Durable materials would be: the same material that is currently on the roof, if the shingles are damaged then replace them with shingles, if the flashing system is in need of repair then replace the flashing system with the same kind of material whether it be aluminum or copper To answer the question asked; Granulated Steel roofing is possibly the most durable roof that you can install.

For someone who knows they need repairs, where do you suggest they begin?
As I mentioned previously, online is the easiest way, but make sure you check out the company’s reviews. You can also call your City’s Building Department and ask for a short list of roofing contractors that are licensed or registered to do work in that city. Ask your neighbors for referrals. Most companies are based on a referral system. Use social media and ask your friends. What’s the quickest way to get 200- 600 people to see your question? Do not fall for the “storm chasers” that go door to door, knocking and saying that they can get you a free roof. Most of these companies are from out of state and will not even give you a price on a repair, they only make their money by beating up your insurance company for the whole roof project. Say no thank you and close the door. Then call a local Roofing Professional.

How do I know if my roof needs placement or a few repairs?
You will have to trust the roofing professional that you call out. They should give you proof though, via pictures or videos of the reason why they suggest you need a new roof. If there is anything that makes you uneasy about any kind of contractor, move on to the next one.