If it is time to replace your shingles, you may be astounded by the sheer number of choices available. In recent years, roofing product manufacturers have recognized homeowners’ desire to create unique looks for the homes and have started producing more color variations than ever. Gone are the days when simple gray or black singles were the only options. Today, shingles range from bright white to fire engine red and everything in between.

Choosing the right color shingle to match the rest of your home’s exterior can be a tricky proposition, so consider the following points for the different types of exterior coverings before making your final selection.

When people think about bricks it is usually the red bricks that come to mind. As many homeowners know, there are also other brick colors. Blond bricks, with their gold-yellow tones, are especially prominent in many areas of the northeast. If your home has a brick exterior choose a shingle color that has some of the same colors in it, or one that complements it nicely. For example, a typical red brick exterior with light tan grout would look stunning with a roof shingled in light tan materials. A blond brick home would be nicely complemented by a dark brown or dark gray shingle. If the home’s exterior brick surface is painted, coordinate the color of the shingles with the painted color. Bricks painted white would be nicely accented by a dark gray roof, or even a more dramatic, multi-colored shingle. If possible, bring samples of the shingles home before selecting one to see how they look against the exterior walls. Although the roof will not be directly against the wall, visually it will flow into it and should create a smooth transition.

Siding Homes with siding can be found in a variety of exterior colors. Whether homeowners want pale yellow or dark green, siding is available in just about any color. That makes choosing shingle colors a more challenging process than for brick exteriors. Having a sample shingle to compare to the siding can make the decision easier. Since shingles come in variegated colors, solids and even metallic tones with antique finishes, there are hundreds of combinations to choose from. Pick the one that looks best with the siding and that helps create the curb appeal you are looking for.

Choosing the perfect shingle color for your house is a challenging job. Finding a color that coordinates the house is important; however, you should also choose the highest quality of shingle that you can afford and be sure that you understand all manufacturer warranties and save all necessary receipts and paperwork. Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive decisions you will make about your home’s appearance, so choose wisely.