Here at Stan's Roofing and Siding if we aren't already blood-related, we've grown to become family.   We have learned an ear and shoulder to one another when a loss occurs or if a child or family member has been sick.  We cheer on one another when exciting events occur in our lives as well. This past fall was no exception.

As the crew was on the job one Friday, a photo was sent to the owner Debbie, holding a sign wishing her a Happy Birthday.  As sweet as the gesture was, it was noticed that they were not in the Stan's Roofing and Siding grey shirt uniforms.  There they were, on a job site, violating company policy for uniform necessity.  While wearing a specific shirt might seem like no big deal, this crew had a different stance as to why they weren't in uniform.  They were wearing red shirts to show their support for the military overseas as one of the members of that crew has a brother that recently took a position overseas.  That Marine is not only our crew member's brother but one of our project manager's sons and our production assistant's brothers.

"Remember Everyone Deployed" has been a movement that has been recognized for years and quite possibly decades.  Teachers have rewarded students with special RED shirts to wear, Colleges have supplied shirts for the campus to wear as well. R.E.D. was created to remind people of the heroes near and far whom continuously uphold our freedoms through their service overseas.  Service members are on call 24 hours a day to ensure our safety and freedom.  Wearing red shirts on Fridays is one way to acknowledge their sacrifices.  It shows that you too are ready to face what your day will bring and recognize that without those playing an active role in our military, you would not be able to hold the same freedoms.  When President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan in 1941, chaplain of the House of Representatives, Dr. James Montgomery, opened the session with a prayer: "... Hold us steadfastly to the realization that the richest garments of our country's character are often sewn with the crimson threads of sacrifice and suffering...."  That speech too is said to have assisted in the R.E.D. shirt Friday movement.

We at Stan's have made it possible for our staff to join in on the movement by purchasing new red uniform shirts for all to wear on Fridays.  Our shirts have the Stan's logo and information with a special marking on our right sleeve to specifically honor the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines unit in which our 3 current employees' relative is a part of.

The troops were so touched seeing photos of our employees taking part in the RED movement and honoring their name.  Recently shirts were sent out to those troops in military approved colors with our logos on them as well.