No two jobs are alike.  With that being said, everyone has different ideas and needs when choosing the "right for you" contractor.  Here are 5 things to think about as you select a contractor to help fix your home.


1. Are they licensed and insured? 

    Contractors need to meet the state, city and County guidlines to perform work.  This is particularly important if and when you try to sell your home.  If work was performed by a non licensed contractor, it may go unrecognized during the sale and negotiations.  Contractors should have information available to you in order to prove they are compliant.  This may be listed on their websites, advertisements for the company, and should be listed on your contract as well.  Having verified they are insured will protect you as the homeowner if any injury occurs during the process of your project.

2.  Research and Interview your contractor.

       Check out the different content on their website and social media outlets.  Read reviews from previous customers.  When you meet them for the first time, have a list of questions for them.  Their tenure, reputation with customers, special trainings and accomplishments should be a valuable resource in making your decision.  

3. Pricing

     This is a major forefront in every household project.  Whether high or low, there are many factors to weigh to determine the true value.  Higher estimates be due to the better quality of materials used, experience of the crews, or the more indepth analysis of your project.  Once you get an estimate, take a look again at the company resources as well as the materials they may list out that they'll be using.  Verify for yourself that what they've provided is truly worth it.  Also, be up front about the budget you have set for a project.  Most contractors respect the honesty and might be able to work within your budget or find alternatives to get you there.


4.  TImeline of the project

   This is just as important as the pricing and something many overlook.  This is also a silent indicator of the quality and expertise of a company.  During a peak season of a repitable company, they may have longer wait periods as they have many customers whom have reached out to them for that very reason.  A company with tenure and great customer relations is often busier than a newer company just starting out.  Both may have experience to complete your project.  Regardless of the longevity of a company, no one wants to end up in a position where they've sacrificed quality for speed of service.  Find a balance through your research and other questions to the contractor when you meet.

5.  Communication

     From the moment you pick up your phone or start a new browser, you want to be able to feel the trust from the company.  Are their associates friendly and easy to speak to?  Have they reached out to you within a 72 hour timeframe?  When the estimator visits you for the first time, did you feel comfortable putting your project in their hands?  What have other customers said about their methods of communication?  These are all questions that can seal your decision with a company.  


These are just a few quick things to consider when hiring a contractor.  The bottom line is  you need to choose who you believe you can trust.  Your home is your safe haven for you and your family and should be taken care of by anyone you welcome in.