Most of us are involved in the "shelter in place" order from the state. To get yourself some fresh air and escape the 4 walls of your home, head out and walk the exterior of your home. Things you should look for are shingles laying in your yard. Or extensions on your downspouts that may have become disconnected. That's just the beginning. If you have a tall enough ladder, you can check to see if your gutters are cleared of debris. Also if they are securely in place. If your home is sided, check for any cracked or broken pieces of siding and trims. Your deck will be utilized more on nice days too. Are there rotted boards? Are the railings stable? Have you painted it year after year and don't want to spend your time doing it again? As you discover the things that need repair and/or refreshing, take photos of those areas. The estimators at Stan's will be able to create a free estimate using your photos as well as some they may take on your property. We are practicing the rule of 6 feet or more distance between our staff and homeowners and have developed ways to continue to serve your needs. If you are in need of any home project necessity, we are here for you. Call for a free estimate today