We are proud to work with Malarkey Roofing Products! With their high-performing, impact-resistant, and sustainable shingles, our customers are able to give back to the environment they live in!

Malarkey upcycles rubber tires and landfill plastics to make their shingles, and we're able to keep track of how many tires and plastics we're diverting from landfills! What a wonderful way of knowing your positive impact!

Another note with their shingles, they use smog-reducing granules atop their shingles. This means that each roof we install with Malarkey products is like planting trees to help clean the air!

This last month, we installed almost 200 squares of Malarkey shingles. This means that we diverted 23 tires and 16k plastic bags from landfills AND 'planted' 11 trees! You can't tell me Stan's isn't trying to do their part!