Weather is the single largest threat to your roof.  Improper ventilation allows water seepage, and at the same time does not allow the heat and moisture inside the house a place to escape without building up mold in your rafters. Where there is one soft spot in the plywood beneath your shingles, there are often times others.  This home had visible algae growth on the shingles as well as various locations where you could see the wood underneath was wet.


Our crew tore the shingles off to start.  Then we laid down new plywood and covered it with ice and water shield as well as Certainteed's Diamond deck synthetic underlayment.  We then repaired the skylight as it had moisture between the class from improper installation to begin with.  We also replaced most of the vents and resealed the lead plumbing flashing and all other vents to ensure no leak.  A ridge vent was also installed to add to the ventilation system we had already started to put into place.