Clean air flow is essential to keep your family and visitors healthy.  Actively growing mold damages the material it lives on until it is broken down and useless.  Mold growth in homes, schools, and businesses should be properly removed for the sake of all whom entire the structure.  This customer had called stating that there was an issue with the house wrap and possibly the insulation surrounding their fireplace.  Upon our inspection, mold was found growing on the outside of the house wrap and it was starting to deteriorate.  


Mold isn't always an easy problem to resolve.  It is best to have someone whom is skilled in its removal to ensure your safety and health of those around you.  The process begins with determining the area in which the excess moisture is entering to cause the issue.  Eliminating that source and repairing the surrounding area is the next step.  Our service techs removed both the siding and house wrap.  House wrap is used as a barrier for moisture, so while it did keep the moisture from entering further into the home, the outside portion of the wrap was starting to grow mold at various spots.  They had to clean and remove the old wrap and add new wood to the top of the structure. Then they re-wrapped the entire shaft and then sealed it with new siding as well.