Roofing Building Codes: Orland Park Roofing

As a homeowner in Orland Park, Illinois you want to make sure that your roof is installed according to all local building codes. Doing so will help protect the safety of those living inside the house and give peace of mind for years to come. The purpose of this blog post is to provide information on Orland Park Roofing Building Codes so you can be informed when making decisions about what type or form of roofing material must be used in accordance with codes. This post seeks not only to inform, but also motivate homeowners by discussing why it's essential they use materials that are code compliant within their municipal jurisdiction.

Overview of Roofing Building Codes in Orland Park

Stan's Roofing & Siding is known for providing the highest quality roofing in the area, and this is made possible in part by their adherence to strict roofing building codes. Ice & Water Shield material must be applied along the eaves and rakes of a roof for maximum protection during colder months. Venting is of utmost importance for a roof to last its full lifetime, with proper insulations and ridge/soffit venting that meets specific requirements. New flashings must be installed and existing flashings must be replaced if deteriorated or damaged beyond repair, as this provides added durability to any new or existing roofs. Finally, when deciding to add on a new chimney, an additional saddle must also be placed in order to ensure safe construction of the chimney itself. By following all these building codes, Stan's Roofing & Siding can guarantee safe and secure roofs that will stand up against anything nature sends its way!

Requirements for Installation

Knowledge of local and residential building codes is essential for a successful roof installation. Stan's Roofing & Siding understands that in order to ensure the highest quality and most durable roof, all requirements must be met. That's why their team of experienced professionals is well-versed in everything related to local building codes and the Residential Building Code, making sure your roof is installed correctly according to the latest guidelines. With Orland Park Roofing, you are guaranteed an expertly installed roof with the peace of mind of knowing it complies with all necessary regulations.

Ice & Water Shield Building Code

When it comes to keeping your residential property safe from the forces of nature, Stan's Roofing & Siding requires that any roofing projects comply with International Residential Code (IRC). This includes installing Ice & Water Shield membranes along the eaves and valleys. A minimum of two layers of this membrane must be applied, extending 24 inches out from the interior wall. This will protect your home from succeeding wind and weather damage, while assuring the longevity and quality of your roof.

Flashing Building Code

Winter is fast approaching, and homeowners should make sure that their roofing systems are up to code. According to International Residential Code Section R903.4, flashing must be installed when the roof intersects a wall, or at points where other construction features penetrate the roof plane such as vents and chimneys. This flashing helps ensure that moisture cannot disrupt the integrity of the roof components and become a major source of repair costs in the future. It is important for those residing in Orland Park to remember that in order to stay compliant with local building regulations, they must adhere to International Residential Code Section R903.4 by properly installing flashing at all necessary locations on their roofs.

Chimney Saddle / Cricket Building Code in Orland Park

International Residential Code Section R1003.13 states that chimney saddles and crickets must be built according to the same building code requirements as the roof in Orland Park. As an experienced roofing contractor, we understand that these details can have a wide-ranging impact on the durability of your roofing system. That's why we take extra care to ensure that all components are designed and installed to meet local building codes such as International Residential Code (IRC) Section R1003.13 for chimney saddles and crickets in Orland Park. Our goal is to make sure your new roof is safe, secure, and long-lasting – no matter the weather conditions!

Proper Attic Venting.

Attic ventilation is an important factor when considering roofing building codes. International Residential Code Section R806 outlines specific rules regarding the amount of air that should be allowed to flow between the attic and the outside atmosphere in order to prevent water vapor from condensing within an attic space. Stan's Roofing & Siding professionals understand the importance of proper attic venting and boast expertise in implementing this aspect of International Building Code standards. Keeping attics properly vented helps ensure temperature and humidity levels remain stable, as well as ensuring energy efficiency and protecting structures such as insulation, rafters and roof decks. Roofers must take into account local code requirements along with International Building Codes while completing roof inspections to guarantee proper ventilation has been achieved before issuing a certificate of compliance.

Guidelines for Choosing a Qualified Roofer

Whenever you're deciding to hire a professional roofer it is important to ensure that the company has been in the business for at least 55 years or more. Searching for 'roofers near me' can provide many results, but it is most beneficial in the long run to seek out more genuinely established roofing companies. Stan's Roofing & Siding is one such business that has been providing its residents with quality workmanship and dependable service since 1967. They will help you choose a qualified roofer who can make sure your home's roof meets all local building codes as well as any other needs you may have regarding construction, maintenance, and repairs.

Recommended Steps to Take During the Inspection Process

When it comes to roofing, one of the most important steps that you should take is an inspection. Discussing your project with a professional from Stan's Roofing & Siding is an ideal way to ensure that all building codes are met and that all areas of the roof are properly inspected. This includes a thorough examination of the attic: looking for any water damage or ventilation issues. Additionally, when performing a roof inspection professionals will check for potential weaknesses and marks on shingles, as well as inspect gutters and chimneys. The flashing must also be thoroughly examined, pipe penetrations, skylights and vent fixtures. Ultimately having a Stan's Roofing & Siding representative from your project is essential to make sure that the job has been done correctly and efficiently. Give us a call or visit our Orland Park Roofing Page for more information.