If you are looking for a reliable roofing company for your home, then look no further. Stan Bumstead founded Stan’s Roofing and Siding 56 years ago in 1967 with the assistance of his wife, Helen. Over the years, Stan’s Roofing and Siding has truly become a family business. 

56 years ago, Stan Bumstead was working as a roofer when a tornado struck in the south suburbs of Chicago. There was a great increase in demand for roofing and siding jobs and repairs, and thus, Stan’s Roofing and Siding was born. Linked below is a Youtube video from the company's page that offers insight into who Stan Bumstead is, and the creation of the business. 

Stan’s youngest son, Kevin Bumstead, worked with him throughout his youth during the summers in between school years. After four years of service in the Army, Kevin came home and became a full time roofer alongside his dad in 1992. Throughout the next decade, Kevin and Stan worked together to grow the business. In 2005, Stan decided it was time to retire and to hand over the keys to the business to Kevin. Stan left the company in good hands, as Kevin has continued to develop and grow the company. Four years later in 2009, Kevin’s wife Debbie joined the staff. 

As detailed in the Youtube video, there is a lot of work done behind the scenes. Stan shined the spotlight onto his wife, Helen, who played an integral role in running and expanding the business. Today, Kevin leans on his wife, Debbie, to help keep the company moving forward. Similar to his father, Kevin knows that he cannot run the business alone. Both Helen and Debbie have been strong leaders and reliant workers for Stan’s Roofing and Siding. 

Kevin and Debbie have four kids, with two of them currently working within the company.

Luke Bumstead joined two years ago and is a member of the sales team  He has a tremendous passion for the family business that will help continue to push this company to reach new heights. The company will be in great hands whenever Kevin decides to pass the business over to Luke. Jake works as an administrative and production assistant during his summers home from school. He works hard and helps out the company in any way he can. 

In 2023, Kevin’s brother Stanley joined the sales team. Stanley has brought his vast knowledge and experience from the corporate business world into the family business. This recent hire has brought both of Stan’s sons into the company he created. Currently, there are five Bumsteads working for Stan’s Roofing and Siding. Stan could not be prouder as he has two sons, a daughter-in-law, and 2 grandsons working for the company that he started 56 years ago. 

Alongside those with the last name ‘Bumstead’, there are hard-working men and women who are an extension of the family that Stan created. While the Bumstead name is the heart and soul of the company, the family acknowledges the incredible contributions that all the employees make. Visit our website to learn more about the wonderful staff at Stan’s Roofing and Siding. This company is family owned and operated in every aspect. At Stan’s, we are proud to say that this is our 56th year, but we are even more excited about the future of this company.