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Roof Repair Case Studies

Ventilation Alteration in Matteson, IL
Proper ventilation of your home helps not only your family's health but also the building's structure.  This homeowner needed to alter the vents to get a better flow...
Anti-Squirrel Power Fan
This homeowner found evidence of squirrels in their attic! After looking into it, one of the roof accessories. What happens next is water getting in and no homeowner wants...
Flashing Requirement Oak Lawn, IL
Per a building code in this city, we were required to add a kick out flashing to this home after completing the roof.  
Leaky Roof in Palos Heights
Roofs leak for a number of reasons. Not every leak means a pricey fix.
Leak in Palos Heights
Big leaks can occur from even the smallest problems. This roof leaked from a small nail that was not properly covered by shingle. 
Leaky Shingles Repair in Mokena, IL
2 years ago, a homeowner discovered small leaks from his roof. At that time, for whatever reason, he decided not to go with us to fix the leak. However, over the next couple...
Damaged IKO Shingles in Hickory Hills
Sometimes big storms can damage shingle and even tear them off your roof. There's a number of reasons why this is possible. The shingles may have been poorly installed or...
Ice Shield Installation in Homer Glen, IL
The homeowner had a constant build up of ice. As it would melt and refreeze they would experience leakage. This is not quite the same as an ice dam, but was clearly causing...
Joliet, IL Animal Damage Roof Repair
This homeowner was experiencing leakage in their garage roof.  They had a few shingles replaced prior to our inspection of the roof.  What they had thought is that...
Shingle Repair in Joliet
One of our fellow employees needed a small roof repair. She didn't need much. Just a few shingles were missing from her house. It was a small project, but an important one....
Warped and Rotted Fascia Replacement in Joliet, IL
The fascia was warped in some areas therefore pulling away from the home.  In other areas it was rotting and causing the gutter to start to pull away from the garage....
Leak Roof Repair in Bolingbrook
It's important to make sure you go with credible contractors. This homeowner received got repairs from a contractor but wasn't able to reach them when the leak started up...
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