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Roof Replacement Case Studies

Rotted underlayment
This apartment/condo building needed a new roof. As our crew was completing the tear off, they discovered that the boards were almost all rotted and delaminated.
Hometown, IL Architectural Shingle Installation
The homeowner had wind damage to the roof that was causing leaks below.  Our team discovered that there was more than just a few leaks that needed repair.  
Damaged Roof Replaced in Tinley Park
When the roof is too badly damaged, small repairs will only go so far. 
Cast Iron Flashing Removal in Oak Lawn, IL
While reroofing and venting this home, our crew pulled off the flashing cover and heard a loud crash.  When they looked into the hole now in the roof where the flashing...
Ice and Water Shield Oak Lawn, IL
This homeowner was experiencing a constant leak over their dining room area.  Upon inspection of the double layer roof, it was determined that the underlayment and plywood...
Malarkey Shingles are Green and Sustainable
There are a lot of different types of shingles that we offer.
Gutter and Shingle Repair in Palos Heights
This home in Palos Heights had damaged gutters and shingles.
Roof Soft Spot Repairs in Orland Park, IL
Weather is the single largest threat to your roof.  Improper ventilation allows water seepage, and at the same time does not allow the heat and moisture inside the house...
Malarkey Roof Install in Orland Park
The winter is always an issue to face for the roofing industry. The weather drops, snow covers the roof.
Damaged Sheathing in Orland Park, IL
This project had the obstacle of removing damaged sheathing from under the shingles. Having good solid roof sheathing is important.  It helps to bear the weight...
New Roof in Orland Park
Prices are rising in the roofing industry as some materials, and as certain materials are becoming harder to get a hold of, jobs are having to wait longer to start. This homeowner...
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