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Siding Case Studies

Aluminum Trim Installed in Tinley Park
Whenever you have exposed wood on the exterior of your home, you risk that wood rotting quickly. Once that wood rots, the problems don't stop there.
Rotted wood siding
While our service crew was starting their tear-off of the rotted wood siding, they found rotted plywood substrate behind the wood siding.
Frankfort, IL Roof repair & structure build out to achieve proper drainage
The homeowner had inquired about the issue they were having with improper drainage in one particuliar section of their home structure.  They had viewed a few other neighbors...
Siding Repair in Frankfort
One problem that can arise from wood siding is wood can rot over time. For this house, the knots began falling out of the wood.
Wooden Siding Repair in Palos Heights
Something to keep in mind when it comes to wooden siding is that wood rots and dries over time. Additionally, knots might fall out of the board, leaving holes.
Stucco Board Siding in Mokena, IL
In the roofing industry in the Chicagoland area, we have found most roofing companies don't offer repairs.
Rotting Siding Replacement
Existing Rotted wood siding and Tyvek house wrap was creating issues to the home structure of this house.
BIG Leak in Homer Glen
With big leaks, often our first reaction is to blame the roof. After all, rain comes right down onto the house right? Yes and no.
Siding Replacement in Lemont
While tearing off the existing siding near the chimney area, rotted wood was discovered under the old house wrap
James Hardie Siding in Lockport
Siding is so important for a house. So choosing what type of siding to wrap around your home is crucial. We offer many different types of siding.   
Fascia Damage and Exposed Wood in Lockport
There are many reasons why fascia might get damaged or even fall off. Whatever the reason, when the wood underneath is exposed for too long things will only get worse. Long-term...
Melted Siding in Woodridge
When a grill is too close to the house, vinyl siding will melt.
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