Not sure if a Stone Coated Steel Roof is right for your home? Here are some of the many benefits of a Gerard Stone Coated Roofing System.

  1. An Investment Above the Rest
    The initial cost of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than with other roofing materials. However, the money a homeowner can save is significant, because a Gerard roof will be the last roof you ever buy. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof adds to your home’s beauty and to its resale value. Finally, insurance companies in many states will lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums by as much as 35% due to the proven protection of a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof.
  2. “Good for a Lifetime” vs. “Sooner or Later”
    The average life of a non-steel roof is approximately 17 years. For example, asphalt, or “composition” shingles can require re-roofing every 10 to 20 years or sooner! Compare that with a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof that includes a warranty that is good for the lifetime of the owner (transferable).
  3. Give Your Home A Beauty Makeover
    Whatever the style, color or finish of your current roof, there is most likely a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof that will match the appearance of your home. Whether you want the look of an asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shake or slate, you can select a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof that will enhance the beauty of your home.
  4. Strength for the Long Run
    Life is hard. Mother Nature is harder, especially on non-steel roofing materials which begin to deteriorate immediately after they are installed from exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes and the effect of hailstones, heavy snow pack, ice and wind. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof, however, can take extreme weather conditions and still look and protect like new for a lifetime.
  5. Beautifully Efficient
    There’s more to the beautiful colors and designs of a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof than meets the eye. For example, the lighter-colored roofs are designed to effectively reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the need to cool your home during the hot summer months. Our “dead air” buffer zone between your new Gerard roof and old roof also insulates against heat loss in winter months. What a beautiful way to lower your energy bills.
  6. Putting Our Warranty Where Our Mouth Is
    You don’t need to take anyone’s word for how long a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof will last. Our roofs come with impressive warranties including a 120 m.p.h. Wind Warranty, a 2.5 inch Hailstone Warranty and a Non-Prorated Warranty for the Lifetime of its Owner (transferable). Also be sure to talk to your Gerard-approved roofing installer about their workmanship warranty.
  7. Metal Myths Unmasked
  • Is Lightning Attracted to a Metal Roof?
    There is absolutely no increase in the likelihood of your home being struck by lightning if you have a metal roof. In fact, if lightning does strike your Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof, the energy safely dissipates throughout the entire roof surface, and can exit into the ground. Also, because metal roofing is NOT combustible or flammable, it is an even smarter choice when severe weather is a possibility.
  • Is a Stone Coated Steel Roof a Noisy Roof?
    Absolutely not! Now hear this: a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof is often much quieter than even an asphalt shingle roof. Because of our unique installation method that creates a sound and temperature “buffer zone” of dead air space, along with our beautifully functional stone coated surface, even a torrential rain striking the roof panels is no louder than it would be on a heavy wood shake roof.
  • Is Rust a Problem with a Stone Coated Steel Roof?
    No! In fact, Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof panels are made from high quality 26-gauge, pre-primed, galvanized steel that is coated with an acrylic basecoat. Ceramic earth-stone granules are then embedded over this basecoat. Finally, a clear acrylic over-glaze is applied and baked on. This provides your home with a long-lasting, durable and fade-resistant protection for a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Is Denting a Problem?
    Again, no! In fact, Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofs can and do stand up to  hailstones, snow loads and extreme wind conditions without any structural or cosmetic damage. That’s one reason our weatherproof warranties include a 120 m.p.h. Wind Warranty (equal to an F2 tornado!) and 2.5 inch Hailstone Warranty.
  • Standing Up for Durability
    If you’ve heard anyone say that a metal roof shouldn’t be walked on, they’re obviously not talking about a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof. Our unique interlocking panel design, rugged 26-gauge galvanized steel construction and proven installation methods provide a strong roof system that can be walked on under normal conditions.